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Koukla Means Doll

Why vintage? 


Think of it as recycling 

Fast fashion is slowly killing the earth. It's true. The facts and figures surrounding the amount of waste and water consumption that go into the fashion industry alongside the horror stories of factory work conditions in the Far East are nothing short of alarming. By buying vintage, you not only rescue the life of a garment, you also make a conscious choice to actively stand against fast fashion in the global marketplace. So you will not only look cool, you'll feel pretty cool too. 


The Name 

Koukla is the Greek word for "doll" but it is used colloquially to mean so much more than a creepy little girl sitting on your shelf. Although we are all about the spooky dollhouse aesthetic, koukla can also mean cute, pretty, nice, bad ass, basically, when you feel good, you feel like a koukla. 


About the founder

Founder, buyer, stylist, and one woman show behind the brand, Joanna, is a vintage fanatic with a thrifting addiction. Her love of the hunt left her feeling she should spread the love, and thus Koukla was born. 

How it Works 

Every piece on the site has been hand-picked and priced accordingly. You won't find two of the same thing so if you like an item - snatch it up quick!